The penultimate episode of the final season features yet another multi-talented and socially active being, and she goes by the name of Babiche Papaya.

At her request, we opened up the episode with a lengthy freestyle cypher session. Right away, we noticed how unique and witty her freestyle swagger is. She was whipping out lines that were totally off the wall and unexpected, which had us doubled over with laughter. Once we’d rapped ourselves into a frenzy, we finally introduced ourselves to each other and got to talking about serious shit. We wanted to understand how she perceived the Berlin hip hop scene as a woman and an immigrant from Rwanda. Although she speaks fluent German and has such an incredible flow, she was often discouraged by male MC’s treating her as an outsider and questioning her skill even when it was on clear display before them.

Throughout the episode, Amanda also graced us with the performance some of her poems. Her work “Lately” confronts to troubles of wanting to hide away from the world in the face of the overwhelming nature of current events. “Vaterstadt”, a German language piece, is a rap about her experiences not feeling welcome in the country she has called home for most of her life because of what she describes as “everyday racism”.

Her stories, poetry, and infectious weirdness are definitely something you should not miss.

If you don’t get enough of her stylings on this episode, you can find her work all over the internet. She’s part of a short Youtube series called POLYGLOT. She also works at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin where she has written and directed a couple of poignant plays.