Season 3 is here, and for the first time, The DubTalk is on video. We invited Breezy to the K12 studio to talk about her new “Tragic Mulatto” EP. The session is a wealth of knowledge and infectious improvised tunes.

From minute one, Breezy was candid and honest with Lex and Eli. Off of the back of her open demeanor, we quickly dove into serious conversation about her road to “Tragic Mulatto”. Returning to American culture was rough for Breezy after a year in Berlin studying at dBs Music Berlin. She spent some dramatic time in L.A., which ended in her decision to return back to her home on the east coast. It was there that “Tragic Mulatto” grew into the moving piece of music that it is.

The album is informed by “sources”, as Breezy calls them in the interview. These short skit-like interludes come between each track and help to provide a context to the intricate songwriting and deeply personal themes of conflict on the EP. We end up diving quite deep into some of these sources, and we would recommend you spend some time looking into them. They can be found on the “Credits” section of Breezy’s website.

After getting into the particulars of how the album was made, our discussion with Breezy developed into one that covered everything from race in America to a doo wop version of “Gin and Juice”. Breezy was referencing all manner of philosophers, writers, and musicians throughout the interview, and we only thought it fitting to give you links to some of the name drops.

Eamon’s Track “F**k It”

Jamila Woods



Stax Records (YouTube Channel linked here, but do some diving.)

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Essay “The Case for Reparations”

XXXTentacion’s Album “17”

As the episode comes to a close, Breezy performs three tracks from her EP, namely “Too Many People“, “Low Power Mode“, and “Do Better“. Each performance is endowed with the dope energy Breezy brings to every performance.

Lately, Breezy has been working with a Berlin based DJ named Freak A. Della. You can check out a little taste of their collaboration on Spotify.

That’s that, y’all.

Thanks for watching! We hope this gives you something sufficient to chew on while you wait for the next episode. We’ll be releasing The DubTalk once a month. First Sunday of every month.

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