Emeka Ene is a voodoo sorcerer with his hands in all manner of potions. He’s rowdy and full of energy when he hits any stage that has the pleasure of hosting him, and he hosts his own open mic night in Berlin at Curious Fox Bookstore.

When Emeka came into the K12 last year, he was still very much a staple in the Berlin poetry scene. He sniffed poems out all across the city and shared them on the regular. He calls it ‘nonsense’.

Shots of the K12 during the third episode of The DubTalk ft. Emeka Ene.

Upon first listen, some may call his style of composition convoluted, because he manipulates language in a twisted and often comical fashion. Personally, we took pleasure in the degree of complexity hidden in each piece he brought to the studio and did our best to unpack them.  At the same time, Emeka picked our brains for knowledge on the art of freestyling. Lex and I gladly gave him help coming out of his freestyle shell, and by the end of the episode, this talented motherfucker was dropping bars alongside us.


Shot of the K12 during the third episode of The DubTalk ft. Emeka Ene.

In the time since this episode was first aired, Emeka has let poetry fall to the side in favor of dance and performance art. Nowadays, he’s using his physical form to express the eccentricities of his mad soul. You can still find him at Curious Fox though. Every first Tuesday of the month, Emeka materializes from the ether to foster a the poetry of others.