These episodes are such a wonderful gift of chance. We found FRASE at the Berlin Festival of Cultures rocking a very small stage tucked beneath a pop up tent. From the moment Knockout Knob and Elpenor heard his vocal texture breeze through the little box they’d set him up on, we knew we had to talk to him.

FRASE is everything we admire in an artist. He’s hardworking, dedicated, and more importantly genuine. When we walked up to him after his set, he was glad to get our details and days later come into the K12 for one of our most dynamic sessions. FRASE brought along his guitar and let us know how he found his way to the city of Berlin. At the time, he was on tour, and it feels like he hasn’t stopped gigging since the moment we met him.

FRASE didn’t have any original songs that he wanted to perform, because we all ended getting so deep into the vibe of our jam. It was hard to remember that we were supposed to be interviewing the guy and not just making beautiful music with him. As a result, we recorded for over three hours and had so much material that we couldn’t just give FRASE a single episode. In episode six, we highlighted the music that we produced in the short three hours with FRASE. Episode seven starts with a rough track idea that FRASE had been working on at the time called “White Cone”. We spent 12 minutes composing and recording what ended up being a soultastic jam that leads into a seventh episode full of insight from FRASE about musicianship, travelling, and what it means to be on tour and not have a true “home”.

You won’t want to miss this double whammy.

You can find FRASE on his website or on the Facetyfacespace.