Once I get a first line, I’m literally just trying to move from one image to the next as smoothly as possible… Once an image is enough or saturated or full or thick enough, then I move on to the next.

An MC, Producer, and Poet, Hamza’s work resides firmly in a universe of carefully detailed imagery. He approaches the written word with a craft that is both admirable and awe inspiring. Naturally, Lex and I were curious as to what brings him to the page. What transpired was a conversation rich with banter and insight. Like Breezy, Hamza’s influences are many, so this episode is once again going to be accompanied by a small collection of links to help you out.

It’s a case of creating small narratives within each verse. So you could be hanging on to the words for maybe three or four lines, and that’s a short little narrative, before I move you on somewhere else.

Hamza’s newly released EP “Tracks from Mars” was one of the key windows we got into the outcome of his practiced craft. He performed the EP’s title track as well as “One Two”, both tracks clearly demonstrating his self professed obsession with writing short, dense lines painting tales in pictures. His performance of his poem “Impassable Stretches” was our second opportunity to see him at work, albeit in a different frame of mind. For Hamza, rap and poetry occupy two distinct modes of expression that, although sometimes utilizing the same techniques, scratch different pieces of his artistic itch.

If you’re pressed for time, you can see the performances on our new series “TRAX”, which is a compilation of all of the performances from The DubTalk.Related Links:

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Ep. 303 comes out in Feb, and we will be featuring the incredible multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer, Lucia VOX.

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Hamza’s EP: Tracks from Mars

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