Starting with this season, we’ll be calling the podcast The Dub Talk! We’re changing the name to avoid confusion with us as an entity. Although we had our humble beginnings in the podcast format, Berlin Untelevised will become so much more in the future, and The DubTalk is just one aspect the empire. Business adjourned.

Welcome to the second season! Julieta Degese is our featured guest to open the season. She’s a comedian from Argentina who has found herself at home in the Berlin English comedy scene. Yeah. Read that one again.

In this episode, Julieta explains how a girl from Beunos Aires finds herself doing comedy in Germany, why she prefers English for comedy, and how she has experienced the comedy scene. This last point piqued our interest, and we delved into the topic of sexism and discrimination. We clashed when it came to our views on every day sexism, sexism in male dominated spheres, and whether or not affirmative action type priority is fair when organizing events such as open mics. In between our discussions, we made some epic music, as always. The music was inspired by Julieta’s hilarious stories.

Julieta Degese can be found all over Berlin rocking comedy open mics.