Elisabeth Mulroy is the final guest on this season of The DubTalk. When on stage, she goes by the name Lizzy and The Palm, because she does not feel she is alone in her artistic creation. Like many of us caught up in the creative process, Lizzy often feels the presence of a force which endows her with the ability to create music with a genuine passion. She has playfully named this force The Palm, but as she so wonderfully says in our conversation, she hesitates to confine this presence to one word because that excludes it from being everything else, which it also is.

Throughout this episode of The DubTalk, we talk to Lizzy about the first time she became acquainted with this force and how she has learned to appreciate it and include it in her life and music. She has come a long way from the city in which she grew up, going to drama school, obsessing about make up, and being worn down by the pressures of her youth, and one of the crucial catalysts for this change has been music. Music has helped her to learn to shamelessly take up space and express herself, but it has also been a way for her to deal with the expectations of society and navigate its difficulties.

Nowadays, Lizzy has decided to stay in Berlin to answer the call of the wild so to speak. She will be performing across the city all summer, and if you have the chance to see her perform, don’t miss it.

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The second season has come to a close, and we could not be happier with the work we’ve done. We could not be happier with the insights we’ve shared with artists from all walks of life. We could not be happier with the progress we’ve made. We’re so grateful for your ears. We hope this wild ride can carry on for a long while.

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