Maura Souloud‘s voice is an ethereal trip into a dimension where all sounds make you smile and sigh. Her stylings are smooth. Her lyricism is poignant, and her vibe is always warm and welcoming. Because Maura is a member of the Peanut Butter Beats crew, we’ve had the pleasure of being privy to her artistry many times, and we figured y’all might love it as much as we do.  When we invited her into the K12, Maura did not disappoint. Throughout the sound check, she was singing catchy lines and busting out the fattest sounds from her SP-404 Sampler. Once the conversation started to roll, Maura was not shy about telling shit like it is.

We dove into her origins in the Deutsch Rap scene, and she gave us her honest opinions about the way her femininity affected her ability to do what she wanted to do, which was rap. She told us some unbelievable stories, but she was also not without hope for the future of the community. We talked about the generation gap and how she’s noticed a change in attitude in the younger men in the rap scene.  Honestly, Maura’s candid and considerate understanding of the social issues surrounding femininity in hip hop is both inspiring and eye-opening.

We also touched a bit on her personal musical journey. Maura’s craft has been influenced by all sorts of genres, and she’s “just fucking fulfilled” by making touching and banging music.

We expect nothing less from a cat who is spitting bars like “I step into the light, ‘cus I’m ready to give life. In my garden I grow rhymes, water them with vibes.” This is just one of the fresh tunes that Maura shares with us on this episode. Each song had us getting more and more ecstatic than the last. We end the episode with her song “Two Things”, which left us in such awe that we nearly forgot to clap.

Check her out on Facebook and Soundcloud, or get a taste of her latest project, Homie, below.