Holy shit on a candle stick. This episode is the polar opposite of what went down last month with Alexey and Valentina, and yet it is equally as epic.

Nebulake is a hip hop duo comprised of Sydney Spaceship and Pauly Poncho, and these magicians romped into the K12 with their mystic energy in full force. It’s been a quick minute since we’ve had the chance to kick the episode off with a cypher, and we must have been fiending to do just that, because we were straight losing our minds throwing bars between the four of us. It got rowdy in the blink of an eye. We were bouncing around on the couch, shouting shit at the top of our lungs, generally wiling out. The freestyles got absurd as fuck, and I don’t think we’ve had such an off the wall set of jams all season. Shit got so ridiculous in fact that we took the freestyle train straight into the future.

Our bars got us thinking, and we turned on a dime to find ourselves in debate mode. Space and Ponch gave us a bit of a taste of what they think the future has in store for all of us. We dug deep into their opinions on the advancements of science, the sinister and silly possibilities for the implementation of VR, and how artists fit into an ever evolving technological world. They gave us insight on their approach to adding a bit of groove and spice to serious issues when making music. Like any great artists should, Nebulake seek to teach and entertain. Of course, we had to hear some examples of their craft, and they shared a track called “Timing” with us.

Watch their viral vegan rap video¬†F**k You, I’m Vegan“.


Nebulake left the K12 with the promise of coming back from their mutual winter travels with an album full of their charismatic and educational treasures. You won’t want to miss it, so be sure to head over to their Facebook page and follow them.

Thanks for listening! Catch you next month. Same time. Same place.