Some call him penultimate Pete, and by some, I mean me, right now, for the first time. That’s because this is the penultimate episode of this season, and our guest was the multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Peter D’elia. Pete is a seasoned musical veteran who has toured the world several times over with The Beez, a folk and blue grass group from Berlin. Pete’s lifelong dedication to music has graced him in many ways. While on tour, he’s gathered all sorts of instruments from the generous folks who come out to see The Beez and learned to play the instruments as they came to him. As a result, Pete’s clean as all hell when he’s got anything with strings. He brought his banjo to jam with us at the K12, but he jumped on the bass as well. Together, we traveled through all manner of musical stylings from jazzy to straight up NAARRRSTTYY.

Merlin and Pete D'elia on The DubTalk in Season 2.

When we weren’t making music, Pete had a bit of insight for us on how he goes about songwriting. Being a light-hearted soul, Pete writes mostly comedic songs, but he has come to find a nice balance between his comedic tunes and the more somber ones when playing live. He played us his tune “Pistol Pete and Missy Mae” to close out the episode, and we gave that shit a wacky remix.

Thanks for listening y’all. This season has been a blast. One more in store for ya.

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