Pourtr8s had some BAAARS to drop when he came into the K12. This Irish MC is the reason that Lexodus started to freestyle, and he came into the place fiery and ready to do just that.

Pourtr8s prides himself on his ability to speak straight from the heart, and he uses hip hop to spread his message, which is one of acceptance and understanding. Growing up, he felt a deep connection with the ability of rappers to tap into the struggle of inner city ghettos, so he started freestyling at a young age to become a part of the culture. Amidst the savage freestyling, we got seriously in depth on the topic of hip hop and the kind of musical culture that we want to foster and cultivate in our lives. From swag rap to conscious rap, underground to main stream, we discussed the impact an MC can have and how that should be utilized to cut through the bullshit of the daily grind.

Pourtr8s is still rocking the scene in Ireland, and he can be found on his Facebook if you’re keen on listening to more of his energetic flows.

This is the final episode in the first season of The DubTalk! Tomorrow, we will be releasing the previously unavailable compilation of the best jams from the first season. Keep your eyes peeled!