Robin Fisher is a multi-instrumentalist and gear head of a unique order. His musical exploration has led him across countries, planes of existence, and spheres of sound which few of us mere mortals ever have the privilege of  gracing. At this point in his journey, Robin has taken to the name Scar Polish, because he has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis since moving to Berlin. What was once a reticence towards electronic music has grown into a passionate curiosity fueled by his exposure to the Berlin music scene and the theft of his ukulele. This has manifested into an ambient sample based production style powered by a Korg Volca Sample, his voice, and a shitload of effects pedals.

We got the chance to ask Robin about his progression from Folk to this latest sound for which Robin himself doesn’t even have a proper name. We geeked out a bit about the techniques he implements in his Volca Sample usage that make the atmospheres he constructs possible, and of course, we got several scrumptious tastes of his latest creations. In fact, we got the honor of being the first people ever to record Robin’s latest work as Scar Polish.


Exclusivity biiitchesss.

Robin is planning on playing several gigs under the name Scar Polish in the coming months, so keep up with his moves on Facebook if you dig the stylings.

Ears to the ground.

Eyes to the sky.

Check y’all next time.