The infinitely eccentric Stephen Paul Taylor was our fourth guest. True to form, SPT had some sassy comebacks and his discotastic classics in tow when he rolled into the K12.

After a healthy session of banter to kick off the show, SPT shared some of his songs with us, including the internet sensation “Everybody Knows Shit’s Fucked”. We then got into a bit of detail about the “synth-poperette” he was writing at the time. It took SPT some time to get adjusted to the random format of The DubTalk, but once he did, we made some magic.


SPT is constantly rocking the streets and bringing his glam to stages across Europe. He is certainly a performer who must be witnessed live at least once. With a fabulous array of costumes that accentuate his non-stop dancing, Stephie attracts baffled crowds whenever he brings his set up to the street.

Keep your eyes on his creative progress via Facebook, Youtube, or his website.