The Untelevised Crew is ever grateful for the astounding forces of nature who grace us with their creative presence at the K12. Through our recording sessions, we are treated to such wisdom and passion. It is humbling and inspiring all at once.

This month, we invited YANSN to the studio. She started her journey into hip hop when she was a teenager, dressing to fit the culture and writing rhymes. Now, YANSN has traveled across the globe performing shows, spreading her message of tolerance and compassion, and being her fucking awesome self. In this episode of TheDubTalk, we dive into the story of how YANSN realized that her calling was being an MC and the steps to making that happen. She was able to illuminate a truth about growing up as a woman in hip hop culture that no other guest has expressed on the show thus far. Luckily for the world, YANSN was able to successfully navigate the precarious, often disheartening, world of her youth and discover at the age of 27 that she just needed to do what she’d dreamed of doing all along: rap. Since then, YANSN has found the most success when she is not concerned with what others think of her work. Instead, she focuses on doing the things that make her glow with pride, knowing that they will be loved by someone. This philosophy has brought her all sorts of incredible opportunities. It’s something we could feel emanating off of her as she talked about her passion for hip hop and MCing.

Of course, we didn’t just talk. We also crafted some tunes. Some fucking spiiicccy tunes. YANSN was dropping bars in English, French, Portuguese, and German. At one point, we were all jumping on the couch throwing each other high fives and massive grins.

YANSN just dropped her first album. It’s called Gute Vibez. Check out her website for more information.

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to everyone listening. We hope you’re having as much fun as we are.