This episode was first posted on March 20th of 2016. It marked the start of what has been a long learning process for us at Berlin Untelevised.

When Selene Ross walked into the K12 back then, we all had no idea what would happen, no plan, a sparse recording set up, and a shitload of moxie. We couldn’t have asked for a better guest in Selene. She kicked off the first season of Berlin Untelevised with forceful yet tender poetry and tales, which left us speechless at times and at others prompted critical and challenging conversations.

Her story “The Drought” serves as the centerpiece for this episode. In it, she tackles a systemic problem in American society which persists to this day. Its narrative implements the analogy of the eponymous drought to shed light on the emotional complexities of a tragedy which leaves an entire college town rocked with grief. She also performed the pieces “These Days” and “The Day After the Rapture” for us, both of which can be found onĀ her website.

It’s been a long while since this episode aired for the first time on SoundCloud, and we’ve come quite a ways since the early days of sitting on the couch in the K12 asking each other “what the fuck are we even doing here”.