Hamza is the second guest to be featured on this season of The DubTalk. As you know if you’ve been keeping up with the weekly updates, we’ve decided to upload shorter compilations of some of the best moments from the episode in the lead up to its release.

Our first new series is TRAX, a collection of all of the pieces performed by our guest.

Hamza’s first piece is the title track off “Tracks from Mars”. He opens his EP with a clear statement of intent and style, which he delivered in the studio in his typical understated nonchalance.

The second piece is a poem entitled “Impassable Stretches” wherein Hamza comes to a realization about depression while sitting in a chapel in solitude. His third and final performance in the K12 was a cheeky little number from “Tracks from Mars” entitled “One Two”.

This track is a nod to all those who have ever had to sound check and find themselves with nothing else to say but “uh… one two. Check one two.” Hamza’s style is rich with images and thick with tales told inside of singular phrases.

Hamza has a lot to say about how he’s come to hone his craft and what it has done to help him with his struggles with depression and society at large. Stay tuned for the episode! We’ve got another little treat for you before then.

Find Tracks from Mars

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