[Teaser] The DubTalk Season 3 Premier

We have been working hard to make this season something special. We’ll be sharing the first episode with y’all come Sunday. Here is the second taste of what’s to come. We’re going to be trying out the new Premier feature on YouTube, so you will be able to watch the video with us when it comes out. That means you’ll be able to chat with us about what’s going on and maybe even give us feedback on the show. Would love to have you there!  

Rainy Beach (Live Set) by Knockout Knob

I was in Cuba last November for two weeks, traveling around the island with my lady. During the trip I made some tracks on my Novation Circuit and recorded this set on the beach of Varadero. It was sunny during the entire trip, but as soon as I was recording, it stared to rain. Luckily all my gear survived. Special thanks to Sara for the amazing trip and for operating the camera in that video.

Protein Coated Sadness by Scar Polish (Live on The DubTalk)

For December’s installment of The DubTalk, Scar Polish visited the K12 and gave us the honor of being the first to record his latest material. “Protein Coated Sadness” is one of three tracks he played for us. It speaks for itself. Shot and Edited by Kyle Ferguson Music by Scar Polish

No Way Out (Live Version) by Knockout Knob

This is a live version of the first single ‘No Way Out’ from my upcoming album KALIZEOZ. The track was recorded from the Novation Circuit directly into the Tascam DR-8 field recorder and is not cut or processed in any way. Have fun watching the video and leave me a comment to tell what you think about it.

SCXOENF3LD-17 (Live Set)

Things don’t always work out as planned. This set is one of those things. Originally prepared for the SCXOENF3LD festival in 2017, Knockout Knob was unable to make it due to the might of Mother Nature. Instead, he uploaded the set for all to enjoy.