The DubTalk ft. Marcus O’Shea

Marcus O’Shea was our honorable guest for the second venture into our DubTalk experimentation. A performance poet of the highest order, Marcus’s ¬†fascination with language and his propensity for building fantastic characters and environments in his writing allows him to lure audiences into his world in order to enlighten them with insights into the human condition. Our interview with Marcus went exceptionally well, largely due to Marcus’s immediate comfort with the Dub Talk format. Many artists find it difficult to spring straight into the studio and be asked to improvise and be wacky, but Marcus did not shy away from our antics. From start to finish, Marcus brought excellence. He performed his pieces “Advice for Returning Astronauts”, Transmissions from the North”, and “His Silences” for us before whipping out an epic tale of female wrestling set in an alternative universe in which wrestling is more than showboating, it’s deadly. Marcus...

The DubTalk ft. Selene Ross

Her story “The Drought” serves as the centerpiece for this episode. In it, she tackles a systemic problem in American society which persists to this day. Its narrative implements the analogy of the eponymous drought to shed light on the emotional complexities of a tragedy which leaves an entire college town rocked with grief. She also performed the pieces “These Days” and “The Day After the Rapture” for us, both of which can be found on¬†her website. It’s been a long while since this episode aired for the first time on SoundCloud, and we’ve come quite a ways since the early days of sitting on the couch in the K12 asking each other “what the fuck are we even doing here”.