EP Watch: Kojey Radical – 97:Pure

Keep your ears peeled. Kojey Radical is staking his claim as one of the most formidable emcees in the UK. His EP release 97:Pure is more of a double single that acts as a wake-up call to those sleeping on his gruffness. Sitting at the intersection of hip-hop, grime and spoken word Kojey is carving out his space and what a space it is.   97   With the wave of 90s nostalgia still prominent and pervasive, Kojey kicks off this release with an anthem the tagline of which is ‘I’m bout it bout it like it’s 1997’. The song is a meandering celebration that moves from Kojey’s brazen call that ‘all young kings get beheaded’ a veiled reference to the Basquiat piece ‘Most Kings’ all the way to his hushed self-representation in the first verse. The musical motif that acts as a backbone to the song is a high...

The DubTalk ft. Hamza

Hamza’s newly released EP “Tracks from Mars” was one of the key windows we got into the outcome of his practiced craft. He performed the EP’s title track as well as “One Two”, both tracks clearly demonstrating his self professed obsession with writing short, dense lines painting tales in pictures. His performance of his poem “Impassable Stretches” was our second opportunity to see him at work, albeit in a different frame of mind. For Hamza, rap and poetry occupy two distinct modes of expression that, although sometimes utilizing the same techniques, scratch different pieces of his artistic itch. If you’re pressed for time, you can see the performances on our new series “TRAX”, which is a compilation of all of the performances from The DubTalk.Related Links: Raymond Antrobus‘ collection of poems The Perseverance. The HBO series, Def Poetry Jam, from which you should find clips. TQ’s track “Westside” Scott Storch’s Wiki. Mike...

JAMZ ft. Hamza | The DubTalk

Hamza Beg was our guest for this month’s episode of The DubTalk. Though he isn’t usually one to freestyle, the spirit of the session overtook him, and he jammed out with us like a pro. JAMZ is our new series which compiles all of the best musical moments from The DubTalk so you can enjoy them when you’re in the mood to groove. We’ll be posting an episode of JAMZ every month in the lead up to the release of The DubTalk, so stay tuned. Episode 302 of The DubTalk premiers on Friday at 1700 CET! Hamza’s EP Tracks from Mars is available for listening and purchase on BandCamp. Editing, Mixing, Mastering done by Phips Witt who can be found on his website. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like the vibe.

TRAX by Hamza | The DubTalk

Hamza is the second guest to be featured on this season of The DubTalk. As you know if you’ve been keeping up with the weekly updates, we’ve decided to upload shorter compilations of some of the best moments from the episode in the lead up to its release. Our first new series is TRAX, a collection of all of the pieces performed by our guest. Hamza’s first piece is the title track off “Tracks from Mars”. He opens his EP with a clear statement of intent and style, which he delivered in the studio in his typical understated nonchalance. The second piece is a poem entitled “Impassable Stretches” wherein Hamza comes to a realization about depression while sitting in a chapel in solitude. His third and final performance in the K12 was a cheeky little number from “Tracks from Mars” entitled “One Two”. This track is a nod to all...

Hamza Beg – “I Lost My Phone Somewhere” | Domicilium

Every second Tuesday of the month, we host Domicilium, an event which offers space to artists and encourages them to share the universe in which their art exists. The audience shares a deeply personal experience with each individual artist. The sets are full of emotion and driven by the dedication each artist has for their craft. Our incredible videographer, Sara Herrlander, does an exceptional job capturing the intimacy of the space. Hamza Beg chose to perform an extended poetic set entitled “I Lost My Phone Somewhere” when he featured at Domicilium. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to us on Youtube! Find more of Hamza Beg at https://hamzabeg.bandcamp.com/

B.U. Mixtape #001

This is the first in a long line of Berlin Untelevised mixtapes. Each artist will be releasing full length projects in the near future under the Berlin Untelevised label. For now, we bequeath a small taste of their essence upon you in the form of this medley of gorgeous sounds. Each track is different than the last. Genre is no limitation. We strive to support creators whose work challenges. This would not have been possible without the continued support from local Berlin musicians and the many hands who have supported and encouraged us along the way. Stay tuned for the tsunami moves. credits released April 1, 2018 Thanks to all creators and contributors. Thanks to all supporters and professionals who lent us their time and ears. Thanks to you for finding your way here.