Hamza Beg – “I Lost My Phone Somewhere” | Domicilium

Every second Tuesday of the month, we host Domicilium, an event which offers space to artists and encourages them to share the universe in which their art exists. The audience shares a deeply personal experience with each individual artist. The sets are full of emotion and driven by the dedication each artist has for their craft. Our incredible videographer, Sara Herrlander, does an exceptional job capturing the intimacy of the space. Hamza Beg chose to perform an extended poetic set entitled “I Lost My Phone Somewhere” when he featured at Domicilium. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to us on Youtube! Find more of Hamza Beg at https://hamzabeg.bandcamp.com/

The DubTalk ft. Pete D’elia

When we weren’t making music, Pete had a bit of insight for us on how he goes about songwriting. Being a light-hearted soul, Pete writes mostly comedic songs, but he has come to find a nice balance between his comedic tunes and the more somber ones when playing live. He played us his tune “Pistol Pete and Missy Mae” to close out the episode, and we gave that shit a wacky remix. Thanks for listening y’all. This season has been a blast. One more in store for ya. If you like what you’re hearing, let us know on social media.

The DubTalk ft. Alexey Kochetkov and Valentina Bellanova

Alexey Kochetkov and Valentina Bellanova came into the studio and graced us with a change of perspective and pace. He plays violin. She plays ney. They are both involved in several projects in Berlin which focus on intertwining the sounds and styles of Middle Eastern music with those of the Western world. Even though we invited them into the studio out of a desire to explore this intersection, we were still blown away by the enchanting aura they coaxed into the dingy walls of the K12 by bowing and blowing their respective instruments. All three of us were held in a trance as they performed their first piece, which extends a full thirteen minutes and makes up the heart of this episode of The Dub Talk. Once we surfaced from said trance, we were full of questions. Everything from timing and key to storytelling and technique were discussed. The Untelevised Crew had begun to...

The DubTalk ft. Sam Boulton

Sam Boulton blundered into the K12 firing shit talk straight from the hip, literally. We didn’t get down to business until we’d gotten all of our rambunctious banter off of the table. Well… nearly all of it. Sam’s quick wit and blunt style of humor color this episode of the Dub Talk with something special. Originally performing as a poet, Sam quickly learned that she was better suited to stand up. She tells us the story of that transition and the motivations behind it. We also delve deep into her past and uncover her alter ego, SAM NASTY THE RAP QUEEN. That’s right. This white girl can rap, or at least, she thought she could when she was a teenager. When we heard this, we had to get her to spit some bars for us, so we gave her a crash course in freestyling and coaxed her into at cypher...

The DubTalk ft. Julieta Degese

NEW SEASON. NEW NAME. NEW SOUND BABY. Starting with this season, we’ll be calling the podcast The Dub Talk! We’re changing the name to avoid confusion with us as an entity. Although we had our humble beginnings in the podcast format, Berlin Untelevised will become so much more in the future, and The DubTalk is just one aspect the empire. Business adjourned. Welcome to the second season! Julieta Degese is our featured guest to open the season. She’s a comedian from Argentina who has found herself at home in the Berlin English comedy scene. Yeah. Read that one again. In this episode, Julieta explains how a girl from Beunos Aires finds herself doing comedy in Germany, why she prefers English for comedy, and how she has experienced the comedy scene. This last point piqued our interest, and we delved into the topic of sexism and discrimination. We clashed when it...