Bard Baitman – “Pacman of Sensory Stimuli” | Domicilium

Bard’s set of existentialist musings was rich with intimacy and insight. Addressing everything from the insignificance of the human life to the proper way to give a caring hug, he had the audience captivated from the first moments he stepped on stage. Bard’s work can be found on his website, and he’s also got a Facebook you can check out Camera: Sanna Kartau, who writes and edits the Berlin Blog. Thanks so much for checking out this performance. We are constantly trying to improve. With the help of people like you, we can do so even faster. Support us by joining our Patreon.

A.E. Sadeghipour – “If the BVG was an RPG” | Domicilium

A.E. Sadeghipour came to Domicilium equipped with a slew of fine poems which demonstrated the breadth of her oeuvre. She kicked off her set with this funny piece situated on the field of battle… Pokemon Battle. “If the BVG was an RPG” utilizes A.E.’s love for RPGs and her familiarity with the woes of Berlin public transit to great effect. Find more of A.E. Sadeghipour on her website and on Instagram Camera: Sara Herrlander, who can be found on her website and Instagram. Domicilium happens every second Tuesday of the month in Berlin. If you’re in the hood, come through! We’d love to see you there. Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you like the vibe!