brass bowl filled with water

resting in the sun atop a wooden chest

incense rising in the morning air

ritual ablutions


cotton creases at my skin

trees sing ghosts to the breeze


white butterflies call the infant summer

wings folding



a prayerdance for rain

rain like memory

running in rivulets among the black loam

(also memory)

rain like ladybirds

walls of childhood awash with red

mind like the soil



there i was

queer seer

dressed by the women who raised me

adorned by the men who left me



men like memory

rain like ladybirds

the grey walls of childhood

sweet sibyl

belittled and beleaguered


c o c k s u c k e r


silver oration flung from the fortresses of men

fingering rotten insides

searching for salvation

finding shit

solitude and silence

save the sound of waves crashing

death’s horses

forgetting the ocean

as you forget your mothers who birthed you

castles on chalk cliffs



i built a temple of marble isolation

sang to you a prophesea

blood of the seabed

blood of the mountaintop

blood of the canopy

blood of the undergrowth

you let your eyes slide

face awash with blue

chin to your silverpalm

and died

dreaming of me

and the gold at my lips


desolate corpse

praying to god and your cock