A man arrives to Germany
Like a moth to a flame.
He has no clue who, how, or why
In search of something, he lands in a city state
Utters not a word in the language
Knows not a single soul
In a culture he cannot gauge.

He has no fear of falling foul, he will engage.
Knowledge restricted to gross stereotypes
Ideas told from a negative vantage
A catalyst on the southern tip of Africa
The personified blacksmith of balkh.
A chance encounter and a feeling within.
Product of a decade old process
A long road to the unknown
Finding a clique along the way


A horse trotting down a cobblestone road.
A baby playing on a victorian typewriter.
He is nowhere, right here, right now!
After a drink with Pliny the elder
Before a kiss from a Piaute princess
On the Pacific Northwest
Across three oceans –
The last being on the Asian subcontinent
Old perceptions implode.
The poet within is noetic
Climbing a slippery pole.

A pattern in nature’s code
Finding Failure Frequently
Every encounter dignified
Constant struggle personified.
He is certainly looking for something.
Before he returns home to find it
A man moves to Germany.