Voices of Berlin is Berlin Untelevised‘s monthly Lives project. This project is to show the connection behind real lives within this both crazy and wonderful city by asking it’s many residents one question a month. Our ultimate goal is to curate a collection of accounts on many topics, ending each month with an abstract poem created through that month’s selection of responses and, thus, transform Berlin into a poet.  March/April‘s theme is Autonomy.


Jamie, US


“I think for myself the biggest chord that the word “autonomy” strikes, is in finding autonomy with my health. I had many years where I was really dependent on family to support me because I couldn’t work. I felt like I was dependent on doctors and medical institutions to help me to feel my fullest self or to somehow strive toward a body that I could feel happy and strong in. It’s definitely the moment I felt I had less chronic fatigue and was able to function at a higher pace and more to my normal potential that I felt like I could not only function more in the world alone and independently. It was even more so than feeling healthy, it was a moment of realising that I could hold my own empowerment, in a way, to bring myself to good health, or to recognise and see that I have that within myself rather than feeling that I had to rely on other people. Especially feeling free of that from the medical world and from doctors and treatments was super freeing. It’s a fucked up and disappointing system that relies on people’s money and people’s bodies are abused to make money so it was really empowering to know I could learn about my body on my own and come to a stronger place without the help of other people”

Jamie from the USA shares her thoughts on autonomy for Berlin Untelevised Voices of Berlin


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