Cover of the Domicilium Quarterly Winter 2019. Author of cover image: Bronwyn Carter



Domicilium, a monthly curated poetry and music event has been happening a little over a year and it was with great pleasure that we held and leafed through the first physical copy of the Domicilium Quarterly.

It is a collection of works from authors who performed over the hazy winter months, 16 fantastically gifted and dedicated artists on almost 40 pages. All of these authors have made our hearts twinge, sink, flutter and it is with gratitude to their no-holds-barred-giving that we offer this Winter Quarterly to you today.



From the editors’ note:

It is our privilege to offer a small piece of that gift to you now in the form of this quarterly. The writers herein do not all speak English as a first language, and as such, their usage of its devices is often non-traditional. We have endeavored to preserve these choices. All formatting choices are theirs, with the exception of the songs, which have been tastefully designed by Sanna to suit their mood. One piece has been selected from each performer invited to Domicilium between December ‘18 and February ‘19.

We invite you to spend time with the work, respect it as you would if the writer had handed it to you personally, because they have, imagine it honestly read in a crowded, narrow room, cherish it as if it were a home, because it is. Each artist in these pages offers you a view of their home, a glimpse through the lens with which they see the world, a true Domicilium.




Opening of Bard Baitman’s poem “Thirty”


Opening of Naomi Larbi Haltiner’s novel “Extreme Agitation”



Closing of Natalya Gimson’s “Curs-ed Kitchen”