From distance

We are approaching

To our fall

With the only witness, the wind

Before the train

On the rail

Can cut off our neck

We are approaching

To our fall


No one heard the sound of snow

Shame on clouds

The cold shouts didn’t even bring the rain

Hopeless and cold

They passed by our town

Telling we’ve approached

To the end of us


Last night, our city was sold by betraying

Then the asphalt jungle suddenly appeared

With the smoke of civilization

As an insult to the human race

Warning! Warning!

We are approaching

To the death of innocent birds


The loneliness of God without us

We encourage

We sympathize

And we wish us to die respectfully

Our condolences to us

We lost the Straightaway road

Because of a shortcut


And at the end

Just to embrace

The dust of our grave



Read more of Majid’s poetry at his blog Spree Tune.