January‘s theme for Voices of Berlin is How I Stay Alive.


Eugenia, Greece

“I keep reminding myself of my self-worth. But mostly I stay alive with small and oriented goals, especially in Berlin because you can make a plan but not stick to it. There are all these questions like What are you doing with your life? How long are you staying in Berlin? But especially in this kind of city, there are so many different opportunities and you can not predict anything so I decided to plan weekly. Then you can pick your opportunities, even here tonight, it was very spontaneous… because then you can get overwhelmed and you can get worried about all the things you’ve missed and it’s fine because you can get surprised. You’re never disappointed.”

How I Stay Alive - January's edition of Voices of Berlin for Berlin Untelevised


Voices of Berlin is Berlin Untelevised‘s monthly Lives project. This project is to show the connection behind real lives within this both crazy and wonderful city by asking it’s many residents one question or theme a month. Our ultimate goal is to curate a collection of accounts on many topics, ending each month with an abstract poem created through that month’s selection of responses and, thus, transform Berlin into a poet.

Read Eugenia’s contribution to this month’s Voices of Berlin poem and its collection of other Berliner accounts in January’s How I Stay Alive in the first week of February. If you’re a Berliner, find out how to add a contribution by emailing the editor of Lives lorathepoet(@)gmail.com.