February‘s theme for Voices of Berlin is My Worst Nightmare.


Gabriele, Italy

“To be honest, I can’t really remember dreams… but my worst fear at the moment is the future really. It sounds deep, but I guess everyone who is studying music or everyone who is in a similar situation to mine has this kind of thing where you think: Am I really doing the right thing? Or will I end up at 30 wondering why I chose to do music? It’s mostly a career thing. I don’t want to end up doing the wrong job every day for the rest of my life. So that’s my biggest fear.. Ending up in the wrong place and being forced to stay there.”

Gabriele from Italy speaks about his worst nightmare for Berlin Untelevised


Voices of Berlin is Berlin Untelevised‘s monthly Lives project. This project is to show the connection behind real lives within this both crazy and wonderful city by asking it’s many residents one question or theme a month. Our ultimate goal is to curate a collection of accounts on many topics, ending each month with an abstract poem created through that month’s selection of responses and, thus, transform Berlin into a poet.

Read Gabriele’s contribution to this month’s Voices of Berlin poem and its collection of other Berliner accounts in February’s My Worst Nightmare in the first week of March. If you’re a Berliner, find out how to add a contribution by emailing the editor of Lives lorathepoet(@)gmail.com.