February‘s theme for Voices of Berlin is My Worst Nightmare.


Moa, Sweden

“I’m very fascinated by dreams that I remember. I know one thing that just terrifies me and will always go back and forth in my brain. It’s common: being claustrophobic. Being locked into something somehow like… I’ve had really weird dreams.

So, one that I had a lot when I was younger was that I was in a tunnel and, it sounds really dramatic, but there was a light in front at the end of the tunnel. It was like I was in the underground and the walls became smaller and smaller and I was going quicker and quicker but I never reached the light. There’s a whole thing about being crushed while going quicker, not getting out and you have no control.

Then there’s one that’s quite funny that I had when I was about 14. I was actually screaming so bad that my dad could hear me from the 1st floor – we had two floors – and he had to come up and take me down to the kitchen, half-sleeping and freaking out basically. I thought my whole body was swelling up, you know like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where she becomes a blueberry? I saw my dad below, I was looking down on him and I was up high because I’d blown up and soon I was going to explode if the room didn’t get bigger. So, that was claustrophobia too, there was no space for me to blow up.

There was a third dream that I had recently that I was locked in a really small room, on top of a house and the window was too small, no one could hear me and there was no door out. I just knew I was going to die there. It was terrible and I didn’t know what to do. Eventually, in my dream, I just became super small and managed to jump out the window, all the way down to the ground and survived somehow, so… I overcame the fear.”

Moa from Sweden speaks about her worst nightmare for Berlin Untelevised


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