Have you ever been stuck in red?
A Tsunami of masturbatory pleasure
coupled with the confusion of a
god-fearing child.

I was raised to believe
Eve had sinned
Mary Magdalene was a whore
and any God capable of sexual pleasure and enjoyment
was no god at all.

Red: the spectral representation of all sinners
and yet,
it was,
and has always been,
my favorite color.

I find myself
stuck in it
basking in its glory.
and unafraid of this supposed God.

What is God anyway but
a dictator
determining realities and moralities
forcing all to adhere to the
same system.

I’ve never been one for dictatorship.
I’m more of a socialist myself.
What if God was a socialist?
Would he still push his moralistic agenda?
Would the Devil be his nemesis or compatriot?
Would we still attach such symbolism to colors and people’s actions?
If God was a socialist,
would we still be afraid of living?